Choosing A Designer

Interview the designer:

Conduct a thorough interview process to help you select a designer. Avoid making a decision based solely on a phone conversation and estimate. Does the designer understand what you are trying to accomplish? Do they ask the right questions to determine how you live your life and how your house can make life easier and more enjoyable? Are they keeping current with the latest innovations and trends that will make your home energy efficient and save you money now, and over time?


Take the time to ask around and see what locals think about the firm. Ask builders and even supply companies what they may know about the firm. Require references of current clients, past clients, and builders that utilize their services. Take the time to interview the designer. Remember you will be hiring them to provide you a service.


Like all consumer products, there comes a point at which you get exactly what you pay for. If you select the cheapest designer and set of plans you should not be surprised to get a final product that reflects the price. There also comes a point, in some cases, that results in spending too much while not being delivered ‘top shelf’ service.

The point is that an investment in building a house is a big one. You will spend a minimum of 6 figures to build your house and the planning process is not the place to save 3 or 4 figures. Demand a planning process that is relative to the desired outcome